Sabbath Reflection: Christ’s Letter

Letter of Christ

Did you know that you’re a letter to the world for Christ? You carry the Light of Jesus with you throughout this dark world to shed light on corruption, deceptions, and false spiritual practices that don’t lead to our One True God. How have you “sent” yourself to the mailboxes of people’s lives around you? Do people have to “return to sender” because you don’t accurately reflect in your life The Redeemer, so they don’t know who you are?

This Sabbath, particularly after Yom Kippur which symbolized Jesus’ blood atonement for all who seek reconciliation with Father God, reflect on the fact that if you have given your entire existence to Jesus you are an epistle to the world. Recognize today that you have been stamped with approval by God, sealed by the Holy Spirit of God, and are to go forth with Gospel and character of the Son of God.

Honestly, what good is a letter if it sits neglected on your desk surface? It’s a dying world out there in these last days. Prepare yourself to be mailed & spread the Truth of God’s Holy Word to the world around you!